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Benedict Taylor & Dirk Serries

Benedict en Dirk hebben dit jaar in ons programma Goes To Church indruk gemaakt. Dirk was natuurlijk al eerder bij ons met het heftig rockende Codian Trio en het stilste free impov trio van de Lage Landen met Jan Daelman en Thijs Trocheen. Benedict Taylor is zonder meer een boeiend violist met een behoorlijke staat van dienst; van filmmuziek, eigen composities en vrije improvisatie. Jawel; de vrije improvisatie. Want de vrije improvisatie wordt meer en meer een stellingname ... immers; als je moet kiezen tussen de hese kelen van gele hesjes of ongebonden vrije improvisatie...nou, dan weet ik het wel.
Avant Scena Contemporary music blog said: “PUNCTURE CYCLE” is a new release of “A New Wave of Jazz” label, which will be released on January. Album was recorded by Benedict Taylor (viola) and Dirk Serries (accoustic guitar). Two interesting musicians have original playing style, unique sound and suggestive playing manner. They are very-well known in avant-garde and experimental jazz, noise, fusion, progressive jazz and experimental music scene. The music is balancing near free improvisations and experimental music – that’s the base of their music. Avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, free, creative and experimental jazz styles, 1960’s and 1970’s jazz traditions, progressive, fusion and contemporary jazz styles, soft intonations of rock and avant-rock – this huge stylistic variety is the main part of stylistic pattern. The soft intonations of experimental music and academic avant-garde also are used here – it’s genuinely mixed with the basics of other styles. The musicians have bright, intense and vibrant sound – their music is suggestive and passionate. It’s always balancing on the line, who is between wild free, expressive and moving improvisation, abandoned and depressive ambient, special effects, weird sounds, experiments and evocative, specific and innovative experimental music.
“PUNCTURE CYCLE” is filled with innovative instrumentation, experimental musical decisions, shocking ways of playing and bright sound. Music is based on all main basics of improvisers playing styles. The typical elements of avant-garde jazz are mixed with experimental music and sounds experiments. A duo gently fit together – musicians create multi-colorful, expressive, rich and sparkling musical pattern. Both improvisers are willing to create something new and astonishing – that’s why they aren’t using conventional and regular ways of playing or principes of improvising. Their music deasn’t have bright, incredible and glamorous melodic line. It’s more like a suprising and bright mix of sounds, tunes, colors, expressions and repetitive sessions. Musicians are expanding the main abilities of their instruments. Along with well-known playing techniques they also add their own, specific, exotic, crazy, weird or experimental ways of playing. They also like to search for new timbres and sounds. Because of free and evocative improvising, rich musical pattern, expressive and modern musical language, gorgeous background, the compositions have remarkable and touching sound. All music and its compounds are based on contrasts and individual compounds – each piece has its own mood, expression and character. Musicians are balancing in wide range of moods and characters, they splendidly fuse and connect them without any effort. Ambitious, hard and heavy pieces with hard core and ambient are changed by tremendous culminations, turbulent collective improvisations, gentle, gracious and jolly solos, silent, fragile and relaxing episodes or shrieky, wild, franky and terrific sessions. The twists, turns and changes are dynamic, sensible and gentle – musicians are passing through all these moods and sounds and fuse them in genuin and ambitious way. Viola melodies by Benedict Taylor are filled with ambient sound experiments, evocative culminations, shrieky and harsh tunes or silent and peaceful episodes. Musician is dedicated to express wide range of moods and weird timbres. Each tune has its own place in these improvisations – the music is colorful, sparkling and charming. Benedict Taylor is always somewhere between academic, evocative and innovative musical decisions, academic avant-garde innovations and free improvisations. Arranged pieces have a splendid and suggestive instrumentation, who is joined together with experimental and innovative ways of playing. Weird timbres, shrieky tunes, dramatic culminations, wild free and impressive improvisations, silent pieces, abstract excerpts and other elements make an innovative, expressive and bright sound. Acoustic guitar by Dirk Serries forms a strong base of various jazz styles. Improviser fuses together avant-garde jazz, fusion, progressive jazz with noise, ambient and astonishing sound experiments, as well as contemporary academical and experimental music. From sparkling and charming melodies to abstract, deep, solemn relaxing pieces, dramatic culminations, vibrant and roaring bursts of energy, sound experiments – these improvisations have the place for each melody, sound or mood. It’s colorful and expressive, filled with evocative experiments, charming and dizzy solos and vital melodies. The music by this duo is passionate and wild – together great jazz masters create a bright and intense sound.