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Rock & Roll is Folklore

YEAH Vrijdag 4 januari gaan we weer gewoon verder alsof er niets aan de hand is WANT ROCK'N ROLL IS FOLKLORE. Kapotte blues punk folk in de bar. Kom, drink, dans en geniet. Als jij niet geniet geniet ik ook niet.
Guillaume Maupin uses his singing and guitar skills alone or in bands (Music for Rabbits, Tartine de Clous), while Marceau Portron is mesmerizing the audience with his high energy guitar performances in Potron Portron Lopez or alone with his cigar box. They combine forces on stage now and then, using folk has mean of expression, using all the repertoire that comes to their mind without thinking twice. Improvisation, short instrumental compositions, riffs, acustic jingles, songs of their own, but also Carter family number, or Prince, without staying far from Captain Beefheart or the Sun City Girls. Their first album together, alongside Valentin Portron is called "Rock'n roll is a folklore vol II" and is a perfect illustration of their attempt to bring back roots and tardition into their post-modern entourage.