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Goes to Church #6

Architectual Resonators

Een kerk vullen met geluid is een ding. Een kerk vullen met beeld, zeker in een gereformeerde kerk, letterlijk een ander ding. Als dat samen gaat; een ervaring.
Simiskina is a duo consisting of two young players from the Norwegian scene for improvised music. Their first album was released on CD and vinyl on the Portuguese label Clean Feed. The Norwegian Jazz Magazine Jazznytt called the album 'some of the best you can find in Norwegian improvised and free music.'This entirely acoustic album consists of 10 minimalistic improvisations with multiple layers of ever changing rhythmic patterns, performed on prepared piano and double bass.
Simsikina is now performing its music on analog synthesizers, electronics and electric bass, and teaming up with french film maker and visual artist Xavier Quérel, known from the audiovisual noise-collective Metamkine. Xavier is included within Simiskina as a sort of third musician, working with images instead of sound. He is using a 16mm film projector, and different techniques to manipulate image and light, to improvise a film which is projected on a small screen, resulting in an intimate screening in dialogue with Simiskina's music.
BALAZS PANDI SOLO solo things in church are controversial in the deepest sense of that word solo Balazs is gonna play the drums '.....it will be me make people cry with some emotional tom-tom magic.